and THANKS for visiting! As a designer with 30 yrs. in the graphic and publishing field, I treat each project as a challenge—mingke it the best I can in quality, with fast turnaround and at a reasonable cost. From ads to website banners, j.d. Design is your capable graphic source. I feel confident that whatever your project requires, j.d. Design can develop an appealing solution you'll be proud of.
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"The extensive knowledge Juanita has about this industry is absolutely priceless. She exceeded every expectation and I would work with her over and over and over again!"
—Sondra Wright, author of 40+ and Fabulous
                    speaker and entrepreneur
"Juanita Dix is a high-energy designer with an eye for nuance and an appreciation of the big picture. She brings old-fashioned virtues of hard work and reliability to a palette bursting with verve and modernity. Her consistent good humor and array of talents ensures that her part of the job will be done to professional completeness."
—James Abraham • Book-broker Publishers
Juanita Dix is phenomenal! When other graphic and web designers promises fell through, Juanita saved the day for me. She was able to capture the essence of my personality, combined with my abilities, illustrating them beautifully on my new website. She is skillfull, efficient and effective. What has taken weeks or months for others she completed in less than five days.
                                                                      —Angel Barrino • www.angelbarrino.com
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"I sing your praises every day. Seriously, I love the cover to Entangled. It keeps me motivated to complete the project. You are such a talent, and I wanted you to know how much it means to me. I have the first "proof" in a plastic stand-up display facing me as I type this. Bad days or good...the cover motivates me. Just wanted you to know."
            —Mark Dossey, author of                 XC97 and Entangled