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Paper Maché Bowls, Pine Needle Baskets & Jewelry
Here are samples 
of the unique handcrafted wreaths made with area Jacaranda and Rain Tree twigs. Each wreath is a OOAK, (one-of-a-kind) work of art and decorated with natural grasses, moss, shells, rafia, pine needles, seeds, rocks, sea glass, and other natural elements from the Florida landscape and beaches. 
Featuring a REAL Sharks Tooth on 
every one. 

Choose a washed "beachy" cottage look or leave it natural.

Sizes range from 18" to 40", 
these beautiful wreaths make a statement in any room. So I can custom size to fit the space you need to fill.

Prices range from $55 to $150 Sizes from 18 to 24 inches will have regular shipping around $12.00. Depending on the size, larger wreaths would have to be weighed and measured to determine shipping cost.

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Florida Style, Beach-Themed Twig Wreaths
Purple Paper Mache Bowl
Blue Beaded Bracelet
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Beaded Bracelet
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Shell Earrings
Coiled Paper Basket
Green Chain Necklace